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“Website enquiries are responsible for over 50% of our sales”

Active CCTV, a prominent commercial CCTV supplier located in North Wales, approached us facing a significant digital challenge. Their existing website was professionally inadequate and failed to rank on Google for their targeted services.

Our initial meeting with Adrian, the driving force at Active CCTV, was a cornerstone for a fruitful collaboration. We immediately connected, discussing his ambitions and strategies for scaling his commercial CCTV services. It was evident that a comprehensive website overhaul was essential.

Agreeing to redesign the website from the ground up, our focus was not only on enhancing its aesthetic appeal but also on improving its functional and SEO capabilities. 

Throughout our collaboration, we fostered a deep, collaborative relationship with Active CCTV. This partnership evolved beyond the initial website redesign, as we discovered new opportunities to expand their reach and services.

This expanded scope of services, encompassing social media and SEO, was a natural progression in our relationship with Active CCTV. It represented a shift from a single-project focus to a comprehensive digital marketing partnership, driving their growth and solidifying their position in the competitive CCTV market.

This case study outlines our journey with Active CCTV, highlighting the professional strategies implemented to elevate their digital footprint and achieve their business objectives

wEB Design

a new website created with a focus on increasing visibility and enquiries.

For Active CCTV’s web design, we focused on creating a professional site that specifically appeals to their commercial audience. The design was tailored to be both visually attractive and user-friendly, catering to the needs of businesses seeking CCTV solutions.

From the start, on-page SEO was a priority. We conducted detailed keyword research to understand what potential clients were searching for. This guided the creation of each page, ensuring they were optimized to rank well on Google. We integrated these keywords not just in the content, but also in meta tags, headings, and image alt texts for comprehensive optimization.

This approach balanced a professional design with a strong SEO foundation, aiming to boost Active CCTV’s online visibility and connect effectively with their target market.


a new website created with a focus on increasing visibility and enquiries.

Building Trust and Delivering Results

Following the successful delivery of their revamped website, Adrian from Active CCTV placed his trust in us to extend our services into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Our goal was to elevate Active CCTV’s online presence and drive tangible business results.

Comprehensive SEO Research

Our approach began with an in-depth analysis involving keyword research, competitor assessments, and industry trends. This extensive research helped us understand the specific niches and keywords relevant to commercial CCTV that were crucial for Active CCTV’s business.

Strategic Implementation and Success

We developed a tailored SEO strategy to target a range of commercial CCTV keywords and niches. This involved optimising website content, enhancing site structure, and building a robust backlink profile. Our efforts were focused not only on improving rankings but also on driving qualified traffic to the website.

Over months of dedicated work, our strategies bore fruit. Active CCTV achieved the #1 ranking on Google for a variety of key commercial CCTV-related terms. This top ranking led to a significant increase in website leads, which successfully converted into new customers for Active CCTV.

This ongoing SEO journey with Active CCTV was marked by continuous adaptation and refinement of our strategies, ensuring that we stayed ahead of evolving search trends and maintained their leading position in the market.


What the client had to say

"I started working with Nathan during Covid in 2020, at the time my website was not ranking and my SEO was non existent, fast forward 3 and a half years and we are now ranking Nationally in top spot for almost 20 niche searches and the website enquiries are responsible for over 50% of our sales. See for yourself He has been nothing short of amazing and would recommend him to anyone looking for a superstar"
Adrian Standerick
Active CCTV
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