We CREATE unique brands that make a real impact on your target audience.

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A brand should be an experience . . .

Are you creating a new brand or thinking of rebranding? We have been creating brands for many years and know the importance of making sure a brand is impactful and resonates with your target audience. The correct brand should nurture lasting relationships with your audience and should lead them to being loyal customers.  

A memorable brand puts you one step ahead of your competitors and helps customers distinguish your company within your industry.

That are many parts to branding including brand strategy, brand positioning, logo design and brand guidelines. Each aspect helps build a full brand experience that aligns with your company’s goals and marketing strategy.

With branding being such a wide-scope service it is best to book a discovery call with us so that we can discuss your company and its goals and provide you with a bespoke proposal.

Branding increases business value

A strong brand attracts more customers at a lower cost per acquisition.

A brand isn’t just designed to look good it should have a purpose! A well-executed branding project should provide an ROI by helping elevate you above your competitors allowing you to create higher price points for your products or service due to the perceived value that your brand resonates.

Our branding Work

impactful branding projects for a selection of our clients.


Roots Cafe

Web Design / SEO


Summit Fitness

Web Design / SEO


Retro Electro

Branding / Web Design


Active CCTV

Web Design / SEO

10+ years experience

We have been creating brands for 10+ years for our clients.

Looking for a studio to help create a brand that stands out from the crowd? We have been creating brands for 10+ years and have built a reputation for our high-quality work. We work with clients throughout the UK in various industries
Kirk Mcbeth Web Design Client in North Wales
"Nathan was amazing from start,finish to even maintaining my websites and any little issues I have to this day! Amazing company with a fantastic service cannot recommend Rowe & Bear enough!"
Kirk Mcbeth
Director, Beeline Caravan Traders
"Couldn't be happier with the service Nathan provided. Would highly recommend anyone in need of a website to contact biz25 first."
Marcus Thomas
Director, Bravrua Inspections


There are various branding services that help deliver a meaningful brand.

Brand Naming.

Naming your brand is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting your company. It has to be made sure the brand name has the capability to grow and fit with the brand in the future. Our brand naming process makes sure the brand name aligns with the business strategy, reinforces the brand and also is available across all platforms and has no trademarks already in place.

Brand Positioning.

Brand positioning is a key aspect of any brand strategy as it allows you to choose what part of the market you are going to conquer. When creating a brand figuring out your brand position is essential to a successful business. Brand position defines what your brand stands for within its market.

Brand Strategy.

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Brand Identity.

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Our branding process

We work with you throughout each branding step to create a clear and concise brand.

Firstly we get to know your company, what it's goals are and what the aim of the branding is so that we can put together a proposal for you take a look over.
If we move forward with the project, the proposal is signed, deposit is paid and then we onboard you into a project management software (don't worry it's nice and simple).
Research & Strategy
Here will delve deeper into your company and its services/products. We also research competitors, industry trends and designs which gives us the the information to put a strategy in place.

Branding FAQ

Got some branding questions? Here are some frequent questions and answers.

Budgets for branding projects can vary a lot depending on the size of the project. We can cater for different size projects and budgets so book a discovery call today.

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