logo design

Logo design for brands and companies.

Logo design is an important part of a companies branding process and should be designed to convey the brand message.

A companies logo is a crucial part of a brand and so should be given time and thought to make sure it conveys the right image and message that the company/brand are trying to convey. We have a carefully thought out logo design process.

A brand’s logo should be instantly recognisable no matter the platform or marketing material it is seen on. We design logos for the modern world, taking into account both digital marketing and more traditional marketing.

Your logo represents your brand and is usually the first thing anyone will see when they look at your company or brand, making sure your logo shows what you and your brand represent.



Discover what type of logo you want for your brand.


Brainstorm and Sketch Concepts

Starting to come up with some ideas for your logo is a great idea, drawing some ideas on your computer or even on paper will give you a visual representation of if it will actually look good or not.

Expand Concepts

Because you will have multiple ideas from your brainstorming session expanding on your favourite ideas will show you what the best option is. Slowly adding that finishing touch may finish your dream logo.