graphic design

Graphic design that creates visual content that aligns with your branding to communicate a message to your chosen audience.

Graphics are a very important asset to a brand, they visually represent a brand and are used across all different types of marketing to give a brand a consistent image. We have a set process for a graphic design project so the completed graphics align with the existing brand and deliver on the intended goals.

Graphics should be designed to capture a brand’s target audience, judgement is made within a second these days so the design has to resonate with the audience. A target audience is captured within a snapshot with carefully a created graphic that understands it’s audience and what intrigues them to find out more about a company.

If you’re adding graphics to an already established brand our graphic design team will make sure the newly designed graphics convey your branding and make sure it is consistent with all your other branding so the company has a professional image across all marketing material.

Graphic design is incorporated into many different services including branding, logo design and web design.



First, we get to know your company and its branding, and also what its goals are so that we can advise on the best type of design for the graphic.



Once you have set up your mood board you can brainstorm your best ideas for your plan of action within graphic design.

Concept development

Once you have decided what type of graphic design you want we can start to develop some concept ideas which can translate your brand identity through your graphic.

Concept refinement

We make changes from the feedback gathered.

Final Design

Once we have agreed on a final design we fully check the graphic and send over all the file types.

Design Files

Publish your work

This is the most exciting and rewarding step! We can help publish your design work whether this be through print or digital.