Brand Naming

Create unique brand names for brands in the tourism, adventure and outdoor industries.

Naming your brand is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting your company. It has to be made sure the brand name has the capability to grow and fit with the brand in the future.

Our brand naming process makes sure the brand name aligns with the business strategy, reinforces the brand and also is available across all platforms and has no trademarks already in place.

Resonating with your target audience. A brand’s target audience should connect with its name and capture them to find out more about the brand and what it offers.

The search for that unique name. Our team are creative thinkers and help companies develop a brand name that represents their brand identity and helps them differentiate from their competitors.



Start your journey of finding exciting brand names for your company.


Core Identify

The core identity is the essential aspect of a brand that will always remain constant. This is what represents your brand throughout time and what your brand name stands for. represents your purpose.

Create User Personas

Creating user personas is an essential part of the design process because it helps you understand your customer’s needs. The first step involves researching and outlining all their goals, pain points, behaviour patterns as well as demographic information about them.

Brainstorming & shortlisting

Brainstorming and shortlisting brand names is an essential step to creating an effective marketing strategy. Brainstorm with different ideas so that you can narrow down your ideas, eliminating any unneeded concepts along the way.

Choosing a brand name

Creating the perfect brand name to represent you and your brand is essential to show people what you and your company stand for.

Due Diligence

Launch brand name