Animation & Motion Graphics

Industry quality animations that are designed to engage and deliver.

Animating a brand and bringing it to life by creating animations can create really engaging marketing. Animation and motion can be great ways to make businesses stand out and can even provide great content on websites and social media.

Motion graphic animation videos are a great way to engage with clients and get across information in a more effective way. We design our animations to achieve just that whilst conveying a consistently high-quality brand.

All modern brands that are at the top of their field are using animations and motion graphics for one reason, because they work! So if you want your brand to be as good as it can and up to date with the modern client and consumer they are essential.


01. Discovery

We begin by talking with you, learning all about your organisation, the project and what the animation’s purpose and goals are.

02. Pre-Production /Script

The script will describe what happens in the animation and contain the dialogue of any voiceover.

03. Pre-Production / Design

Planning out how your animation is going to look.

04. Pre-Production / Sketch Storyboard

What is going to be seen in each section of your video and how many scenes/stages are there going to be?

05. Production / Asset Creation

This is where you sign off on the final storyboard with more visual content.

06. Production / Animation

Your animation is now ready to start being created. We start assembling your video as it is laid out in the storyboard. Creating the transitions between the stages and adding any other overlaying graphics.

07. Post-Production / Draft

We send you a draft video for you to review.

Post-Production / Finalising

We amend any last touches to the video which is then ready to be sent to you in full resolution.