Rewilding bears in the UK.

Our core Corporate Social Responsibility

Around 1500 years ago, during the medieval times, it is believed bears were extinct from the UK. It is our mission to support and help fund bringing bears back to their native land in the UK.

More information coming soon.

Rewilding is intended to reverse environmental decline by letting nature become more self-willed, that means allowing wildlife the freedom to flourish and habitats to regenerate naturally.

How we help.

Bear Woods

We passionately work on helping fund and support bringing bears back to the UK.

The Bear Project

We have launched our own charity, The Bear Project, more information will come soon for this exciting project.

Bear Society

We work closely with the Bear Society to help bring brand awareness and support their marketing.


We are very active in the bear community and are involved in numerous smaller campaigns and projects all over the world.

Nathan Rowe