Talhenbont Hall

Talhenbont Hall, a wedding venue nestled in the picturesque landscapes of North Wales, reached out to us to enhance their online presence and streamline their booking process for prospective couples.

By reimagining Talhenbont Hall’s website, we aimed to encapsulate the venue’s enchanting charm while simplifying the user experience (UX) and integrating clear calls to action (CTAs) to increase engagement and conversions.¬†


A simplified website UX with clear call to actions to encourage conversions and nurture leads

Background: In the competitive wedding venue market, Talhenbont Hall’s website needed to stand out not just visually but also in usability and functionality. Our approach was centered on simplifying the user journey to foster a deeper connection with the venue before the first visit.

Challenge: The existing website, although rich in visual content, lacked a coherent structure, making navigation cumbersome and diluting the potential for conversions. Prospective clients found it difficult to locate essential information or take the next steps towards booking.

Solution: We embarked on a comprehensive redesign, focusing on the following key aspects:

  • Simplified User Experience Design: We restructured the website’s architecture to offer an intuitive, straightforward navigation path. By streamlining the menu and organising content logically, we ensured users could easily find information about the venue, packages, and booking details.
  • Clear Calls to Action: To drive conversions, we strategically placed CTAs throughout the site, inviting users to inquire or book a tour. These CTAs were designed to be visually striking yet harmoniously blend with the site’s aesthetic, ensuring they caught the eye without disrupting the user’s journey.
  • Email Marketing Integration: Recognising the importance of timely follow-ups, we implemented a Mailchimp-powered email marketing solution. This system was configured to automatically engage enquiries with a sequence of emails, nurturing leads by providing valuable information, testimonials, and compelling reasons to choose Talhenbont Hall for their special day.

Repositioned as a forward-thinking, customer-focused retailer that honours its heritage

Outcome: The website redesign and email marketing strategy produced remarkable results for Talhenbont Hall. The more straightforward UX and clear CTAs led to a noticeable increase in inquiries and bookings. Feedback from couples highlights the ease of navigating the site and the effectiveness of email follow-ups in their decision-making process.

The implementation of email marketing has not only increased engagement with potential clients but also automated a significant portion of the initial communication process, allowing the Talhenbont Hall team to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Through this strategic overhaul, we helped position Talhenbont Hall as a leading choice for couples seeking a magical wedding venue in North Wales. Our partnership continues to thrive, with ongoing website management and website support.

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