iDesign Interiors

iDesign Interiors, a provider of commercial interior design solutions,  connected with us  to refresh their online presence.

The goal was to create a website that not only reflects the company’s expertise in interior design but also effectively showcases their comprehensive service offerings, specialisation sectors, and an impressive portfolio of completed projects. 


Crearting a visually striking, user-friendly website that effectively communicates the brand's value proposition.

Challenge: iDesign Interiors faced a challenge in presenting their extensive range of services, sector expertise, and diverse project portfolio in a way that was engaging and accessible to potential clients online. The existing website failed to capture the full scope and quality of their work, hindering their ability to attract and convert leads in the competitive commercial interior design market.

Solution: Our strategy was centred on a comprehensive overhaul of the iDesign Interiors website to create a visually striking, user-friendly website that effectively communicates the brand’s value proposition. Key elements of the web design project included:

  • Service Showcase: A dedicated section for each of the services offered by Design Interiors, complete with detailed descriptions, high-quality imagery, and case studies. This approach helped to clearly articulate the range and depth of their expertise to potential clients.
  • Sector Specialisation: The new website features a segmented approach to presenting the sectors iDesign Interiors specialises in, such as care homes, extra care and social housing. Each sector page provides insights into the company’s approach, past projects, and client testimonials, highlighting their sector-specific expertise.
  • Portfolio of Work: A visually engaging portfolio section was developed to showcase completed projects. This feature includes high-resolution images, project descriptions, and client feedback, enabling website visitors to explore the quality and diversity of Design Interiors’ work.
  • User Experience (UX) Design: The website redesign focused on enhancing the user experience, with intuitive navigation, fast loading times, and a responsive design that adapts seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes. The aim was to ensure that potential clients could easily find the information they needed, whether browsing on a desktop or a mobile device.

A pivotal tool in demonstrating the company's capabilities and success stories

Outcome: The revamped website has dramatically improved Design Interiors’ online presentation, making it easier for potential clients to understand the full breadth of services and sectors the company excels in. The enhanced portfolio section has become a pivotal tool in demonstrating the company’s capabilities and success stories, resulting in increased engagement and inquiries from potential clients. iDesign Interiors has experienced a notable uplift in lead generation and conversion rates since the launch of the redesigned website.

Through strategic web design and development, we successfully repositioned iDesign Interiors as an authoritative, innovative leader in the commercial interior design industry. The new website not only showcases iDesign Interiors’ comprehensive service offerings and sector expertise but also serves as a powerful marketing tool that supports the company’s growth objectives. The collaboration between iDesign Interiors and Rowe & Bear continues to thrive, with ongoing website management and website updates.

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