Dicks Shoe Store

Dick’s Shoe Store, a cherished establishment on Anglesey since 1971, sought to rejuvenate its brand and expand its market reach with a new eCommerce website.

Working with us, Dick’s embarked on a transformative journey. This case study outlines the rebranding efforts and the creation of a new e-commerce platform that has propelled Dick’s Shoe Store into the modern retail landscape.


Rebranding a established business that was founded in 1971.

Challenge: Despite its long-standing reputation and loyal customer base, Dick’s Shoe Store faced challenges in attracting younger demographics and standing out in a saturated market. The brand’s visual identity, messaging, and customer engagement strategies needed a fresh, contemporary makeover to resonate with today’s consumers.

Solution: Rowe & Bear initiated the rebranding process with a comprehensive analysis of Dick’s Shoe Store’s history, values, and market position. The objective was to retain the brand’s heritage while infusing modern elements that appeal to a broader audience. The rebranding included:

  • Logo Redesign: The new logo reflects both the legacy and the modernity of Dick’s Shoe Store, featuring a sleek, versatile design that is recognisable across digital and physical mediums.
  • Visual Identity System: Introduction of a vibrant, contemporary colour palette and typography that enhance the brand’s visibility and appeal across all marketing channels.

A mobile optimised and secure eCommerce store with a seamless UX

Challenge: Recognising the limitations of a brick-and-mortar-only model, Dick’s Shoe Store aimed to extend its reach and boost sales through an online platform. However, transitioning from a traditional retail setup to an e-commerce model posed several challenges, including maintaining the personal touch that Dick’s is known for.

Solution: Rowe & Bear’s strategy focused on developing a user-friendly, engaging e-commerce store that mirrors the in-store experience. Key features of the e-commerce development included:

  • User Experience Design: A seamless, intuitive shopping experience designed to reflect the warmth and personalised service of Dick’s physical store.
  • Product Showcase: High-quality images and detailed product descriptions, ensuring online customers have all the information they need.
  • Secure Payment System: Implementation of a robust, secure payment gateway to build trust and ensure a smooth transaction process.
  • Mobile Optimisation: With a significant portion of online shopping conducted on mobile devices, the e-commerce platform was optimised for mobile users, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across all devices.

Repositioned as a forward-thinking, customer-focused retailer that honours its heritage

Outcome: The rebranding resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness and customer engagement, particularly among younger demographics. The updated brand identity has been enthusiastically received, with customers appreciating the blend of tradition and modernity that Dick’s now represents.

The launch of the e-commerce store marked a new era for Dick’s Shoe Store, with an immediate impact on sales and market reach. The online platform has not only attracted new customers but has also significantly increased overall sales. The e-commerce site has become a vital component of Dick’s growth strategy, complementing the physical store and offering customers the convenience of shopping from anywhere.

Through strategic rebranding and the successful launch of an e-commerce platform, Rowe & Bear has repositioned Dick’s Shoe Store as a forward-thinking, customer-focused retailer that honours its heritage while embracing the future. The partnership between Dick’s Shoe Store and Rowe & Bear continues to flourish, with ongoing efforts to innovate and adapt in a rapidly evolving retail landscape.

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