BB Finance & Loans

BB Finance & Loans, a startup in the financial sector offering specialised services in loans and car finance, partnered with Rowe & Bear to establish a brand and digital presence 

The project aimed to not only introduce BB Finance & Loans as a trustworthy and innovative player in the competitive market but also to solidify its commitment to quality and customer-centric service through strategic branding and web presence.


Creating a brand that resonated trust and quality

Challenge: As a startup, BB Finance & Loans faced the dual challenge of building a brand from the ground up and establishing a strong market presence amidst stiff competition. The key was to develop a brand identity that encapsulated trust and quality, resonating with a diverse customer base.

Solution: Rowe & Bear embraced the challenge by crafting a bespoke branding strategy tailored to BB Finance & Loans’ unique vision and values. This comprehensive approach included:

  • Logo Redesign: The design of a distinctive logo that reflects BB Finance & Loans’ innovative and trustworthy ethos, aimed at establishing strong brand recognition from the outset.
  • Visual Identity System: Creation of a robust visual identity, including a professional color palette, typography, and imagery that align with the startup’s mission of offering reliable and high-quality financial services. This identity was consistently applied across all branding materials and digital channels to ensure cohesiveness and visibility.

A seamless website priority user experience with a straight forward application process

Challenge: Critical to the startup’s success was the development of a professional, user-friendly website that could simplify the loan application process, thereby enhancing customer experience and engagement.

Solution: Rowe & Bear deployed its expertise in digital design to develop a website that seamlessly integrated BB Finance & Loans’ brand identity while prioritising user experience. The project focused on:

  • Streamlined Application Process: Implementation of a straightforward, navigable online application system, enabling customers to effortlessly apply for financing solutions tailored to their needs.
  • Professional and Responsive Design: The website was crafted with a clean, engaging layout that incorporates the startup’s branding elements, making it accessible and appealing to users across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Communicating the startup’s values of trust and customer focus

Outcome: The partnership between BB Finance & Loans and Rowe & Bear significantly propelled the startup’s brand and digital presence in the financial services landscape. The established brand identity effectively communicates the startup’s values of trust and customer focus, attracting a wider audience and enhancing customer loyalty. The feedback on the website was been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the ease of the loan application process and the site’s user-friendly experience, which has led to an uptick in online applications and user engagement.

Through deliberate branding and web development efforts, Rowe & Bear successfully positioned BB Finance & Loans as a promising startup poised for growth in the financial sector. 

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