Trello Guide

Here is a quick guide to using Trello.

How to use Trello

We use Trello to help organise ideas and documents on all our projects in a visual way. Trello only has a small learning curve and once you get used to a few simple features you can keep up to date with every step of a project and also easily add content that may be needed for the project.

How to join Trello

  • Firstly, sign up to Trello using the invite you will receive via email to our project board from here follow the steps to sign up.
  • Once you are on your home page you will see different sections such as boards, members and settings. 
  • To add other people to your Trello board click on the invite section in the top right of your Trello board and enter the person’s email who you wish to join. 
  • To see notifications on your Trello account click on the bell in the top right corner to see any comments and mentions which include you.

How to add documents/images

  • To add documents to a Trello card click on the card.
  • Press the attachment button.
  • Choose which area your document/ image is in. 
  • Then choose the image/ document you want to upload to your Trello card. 

How to comment back on cards

  • Click on the card you have been commented on in the notification section.
  • Then scroll down to the activity section and press on a new comment. 
  • Then @ the user by typing in their Trello name and responding to their comment.

How to connect your Trello card to your Google drive 

  • Once you have accessed your Trello board click on the button “show menu.”
  • From here scroll down and press on power-ups. 
  • Here you can download the Google drive power up. 
  • Now the Google drive power-up is connected to your Trello account meaning you can now connect your drive to any of your cards.
  • To access your google drive on your cards, scroll down and click on Google Drive under the power-up section. 
  • Now you can access all of your drive folders.

How to add someone to a Trello Board 

  • Trello is used to present a range of different ideas in an organised way within your team. 
  • To add someone to your Trello board all you need to do is click on the invite button in the top right.

How to see which cards you have been tagged in 

  • To see which cards you have been tagged in click on your profile picture. 
  • Scroll down to cards and press the button.
  • Here you can see all of the cards you have been added or mentioned to.

How to join a google meet invite

  • To join a google meet invite through your Trello board all you need to do is click on the link connected to the card.

Nathan Rowe