Website Management & Green Hosting

We offer comprehensive website management services alongside ultra-fast Green hosting to ensure your website operates at peak performance levels. Our website management encompasses a range of essential tasks, from regular updates and content management to security audits and performance optimisation. This holistic approach ensures that your website remains secure, up-to-date, and aligned with your business objectives.

Fast hosting and reliable website management is critical to online success . . .

Ensuring your website remains current is essential to meet the evolving needs of your growing business. That’s why, at Rowe & Bear, we provide comprehensive website management packages designed to support your business.

From minor adjustments and repairs to ongoing maintenance and cybersecurity, we ensure every aspect of your website functions seamlessly, maintaining an exceptional user experience for your customers.

Our website management services offer peace of mind, knowing that our experienced team are overseeing your website’s operations and functionality. This support enables you to introduce new features or implement changes swiftly and effectively, without breaking critical parts of your website.

Website Maintenance

Focused on Design

Effective website design is crucial for retaining visitors and ensuring seamless navigation. We prioritize optimizing your site’s design to ensure it displays perfectly across all devices, enhancing trust and boosting conversions.


Regular Maintenance

Keep your website current with the latest plugins, scripts, and updates to maintain security and functionality. Neglecting updates can leave your site vulnerable and disrupt its performance. We manage these updates for you, ensuring they integrate smoothly without impacting your site’s appearance or operation.


Reliable Support

Our dedicated team oversees every aspect of your website to ensure it consistently performs as expected. By minimizing unexpected downtime and enhancing security measures, we provide reliable support to maintain your site’s stability.

Website Hosting

Fast Loading

Fast websites not only enhance user experience but also earn higher rankings in SERPs. Our hosting platform ensures rapid loading times, enabling visitors to access information swiftly and effectively, signaling search engines positively.

Reliable Uptime

Maintaining consistent website accessibility is crucial to avoid unplanned downtime. Our reliable hosting service includes proactive monitoring to address potential issues before they impact your site’s availability.



We understand the frustration of disruptions caused by updates or changes. That’s why we offer daily backups of your website data, ensuring you’re equipped to quickly restore your site in case of any issues.



To optimize speed for users and search engines alike, our hosting includes edge caching. This technology stores content closer to users, improving load times and enhancing overall user experience.

Powered by Green Energy

Our hosting infrastructure operates on green energy sources, reducing environmental impact while providing reliable service. By choosing eco-friendly hosting, you contribute to sustainability efforts without compromising on website performance and reliability.

SSL Security

SSL encryption secures the connection between your server and clients, crucial for protecting sensitive data. Essential for eCommerce and highly recommended for all websites, SSL also positively impacts search engine rankings by ensuring a secure browsing experience.

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