Benefits of Motion Graphics Videos for Businesses

Some of you may be wondering what motion graphics videos are, some of you may be well aware but unsure about how much they can really help your business. Throughout this blog hopefully we’ll be able to shed some light on the topic and explain the benefits of motion graphics videos for businesses.

A motion graphics video is a digital animation video that can contain multiple content formats such as text, voiceover, numbers and shapes. Motion graphics can be a great way to capture an audience’s attention or to convey information in a more engaging way. There are also many different types of motion graphics, for example, it can be as simple as having your business logo animated. Or it can be a 90-second explainer video breaking down one of your business services or products. 

We’re now going to break down some of the benefits of using motion graphics videos and how they can positively influence your business. 

Highly engaging 

One thing that can not be denied is how engaging motion graphics videos are. In a world where a consumer’s attention span is as short as it’s ever been, it is essential to grab someone’s attention. Viewers who consume information through motion graphics can retain 95% percent of the information through this visual format compared to a much lower 10% when consumed through a text format. Having visually interesting animations as part of your brand makes them great content to be shared on social media, included in emails and embedded in your own website. This creates a much more interactive brand that people will want to engage with. 

Increase Conversions

When running a business with a digital presence one thing that is a priority is making sure that your conversions are as high as possible. Having motion graphics videos on your website can increase the time that visitors spend on your website by more than 50%. Having this sort of attention from your website visitors can increase conversions by up to 80%. One example of how you could implement motion graphics videos into your own website is by having a motion graphics video embedded on the landing pages of your main services or products.

Effective Brand Establishment

Motion graphics content is a great tool for solidifying the image of your brand. It is another way of conveying to possible clients and consumers who you are. With motion graphics videos you also have complete control over how it will look which means it can be coherent with the brand you already have in terms of colour scheme, typography and fonts. This will establish a much stronger brand identity. This is one of the benefits of motion graphic videos over live-action videos. 

Multi-use and Flexible

One of the great things about motion graphics is that they aren’t just a one-trick pony. Motion graphics can be utilised for a range of things that your business is executing. They can be used for visually engaging social media content. They can also be included in your next email marketing campaign or perhaps, a company information video or an online ad. Whatever it is you want to do with your motion graphics content you can because they are customisable and available in a range of different formats depending on its intended use. 

Improves SEO

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is essential to having a well functioning digital presence because it affects how much traffic you have directed towards your website and how well you rank in search engines like Google. We mentioned earlier how motion graphic videos can increase the time that viewers spend on your website. Well, this is one of the factors that has a positive effect on your SEO. So, by having that more engaging motion graphics content on your website not only will you be keeping traffic on your website for longer, you will consequently be sending more traffic to it as well.  

Social media favour video content

All businesses should be utilising the power of social media, through social media marketing, to grow their brand and business because of how powerful it is as a tool. The algorithms that social media use have started to favour video content over other types of content. This should come as no surprise because the number of people watching videos online continually increases. With Instagram, for example, IGTV videos appear 4 times larger than photos on the explore feed. This obviously leads to a large increase in the number of people who will view and engage with your video posts over standard posts.

To wrap up . . .

Hopefully, one thing is clear now and that is how advantageous and valuable it is, for your business, to have motion graphics videos. If your content is designed well and cohesive with the rest of your brand then there is no reason that, with your business goals defined, you shouldn’t be seeing a large improvement in your business’s digital presence and performance. 

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Nathan Rowe